JO-CREWSnet empowers vulnerable communities with evidence-based actions for climate adaptation.

Global climate change is already exacting a heavy toll on vulnerable nations around the world. To survive and thrive amid intensifying climate impacts, affected populations will need a new, proactive planning and intervention strategy.

The Jameel Observatory Climate Resilience Early Warning System Network (JO-CREWSnet) empowers people to make informed climate adaptation decisions to minimize loss of life, livelihood, and property by combining, 

  • leading-edge climate forecasting,
  • local and regional data,
  • socioeconomic analysis, and
  • innovative resilience services¬†

Beginning in Bangladesh and Sudan, we are working with local partners to improve climate resilience by developing tools, methods, and adaptation interventions that are extensible to other climate-vulnerable populations.

  • In Bangladesh, lives and livelihoods are threatened by tropical cyclones, extreme heatwaves, rising seas, flooding, salinity intrusion, and other climate impacts.
  • In Sudan, we are focusing on rising temperatures and food insecurity.¬†

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