Our Goals

Within five years, CREWSNET will dramatically increase the climate resilience of vulnerable populations in Bangladesh.

Goal: Empower people, communities, governments, and civil society to better plan for and respond to climate change by creating a public good that can be globally scaled and locally adapted.

This goal will lead to the following intermediate outcomes:

  • People in vulnerable communities in western Bangladesh are better informed and use BRAC services to proactively adapt to climate change.
  • City and local governments, NGOs, and the private sector offer services and technologies to help people to adapt at a larger scale.

With improved forecasting informing comprehensive climate change adaptation and urban development programming, after five years:

  • 10 million people are empowered to chart their own climate adaptation future.
  • 500,000 households are more resilient to climate change through improved access to climate data and usage of adaptation technologies and financing.
  • 6 cities have stronger livelihood, urban development, and climate adaptation programming, making them more climate resilient and better prepared to receive migrants.
  • 6 government agencies and 6 NGOs, pre-identified by BRAC, adopt more proactive, data-driven, and community-based approaches to climate change adaptation.