Our Goals

Within five years, Jameel Observatory-CREWSnet will significantly increase the climate resilience of vulnerable populations in Bangladesh and Sudan.

Goal: Empower people, communities, governments, and civil society to better plan for and respond to climate change by creating a public good that is locally driven and globally scalable.

This goal will lead to the following intermediate outcomes:

  • People in vulnerable communities in southwestern Bangladesh are better informed and use BRAC services to proactively adapt to climate change.
  • City and local governments, NGOs, and the private sector offer services and technologies to help people to adapt at a larger scale.
  • People in Bangladesh and Sudan benefit from increased and more climate-resilient agricultural productivity and food security.

Starting with the most climate-vulnerable areas of Bangladesh and Sudan, our vision is to build and demonstrate proactive, integrated information-sharing and decision-support tools and intervention services within five years that empower frontline communities to prepare for climate impacts and minimize losses, with the intent to expand and transition this capability as a global public good.