We are creating proactive, integrated decision‑support tools and services that empower frontline communities to prepare for climate impacts and minimize losses.

Global climate change is already exacting a heavy toll on vulnerable nations around the world, including Bangladesh, where extreme heatwaves, rising seas, pervasive flooding and other climate impacts continue to threaten lives and livelihoods. To enable affected populations to survive and thrive as these impacts intensify will require a new, proactive planning and intervention strategy.

Starting with western Bangladesh but scalable to other frontline nations across the globe, our Climate Resilience Early Warning System Network (CREWSnet) will combine leading-edge climate forecasting and socioeconomic analysis with innovative resilience services to empower people to make and implement informed decisions about adaptation and relocation—and thereby minimize loss of life, livelihood and property.

CREWSnet puts cutting-edge climate forecasting technology directly into the hands of individuals, to show how future climate and extreme weather patterns will impact their lives. This technology, combined with access to innovative power, water, agriculture and financing services, will empower families, communities and governments to make and implement informed, proactive decisions about how to adapt to this changing world.